The Administrative Success of Educational Advocate Boris Hurst

August 24, 2018
As an administrator of some note with the Atlanta Public Schools system for quite a few years, Boris Hurst has been very successful, in part because he always operates from the premise that every child in every school system is capable of learning, as long as they are provided with the tools and the opportunity. That is why Boris Hurst works as hard as possible to make a positive impact on the students in his care. Wherever he has worked, he has strived to ensure that his school her schools are providing every student with a safe and enriching learning environment that encourages them to do their best and learn everything possible.

Boris Hurst

While he was working at the Therrell High Educational Complex, Boris Hurst was principal of The School of Business and Entrepreneurship. That is when he established the Senior Seminar Series, which was expressly designed to prepare all students for the daunting and often intimidating college application process. That preparation included , training in the scholarship application process, getting them ready for the college tour experience and a lot more. They even prepared students for the SATs and arranged for college mentors.